Saturday, November 21, 2009

The Garden Tomb

No words to express what we were feeling...

Golgotha, Place of the Skull

This is a picture of a hill that is to the left. It looks like a skull which is why they called it Golgotha.

You can sort of see it behind John. We are convinced that Jesus was crucified on that hill behind John. This was one of the most moving places for me.

David and Goliath

This is the hill that David came down to fight Goliath. He got his stone from the now dried out brook where the people are getting rocks from.

John, James, and Ron

Dirkses and Zaps

The Dead Sea

A Dead Sea Mud wrap!

You really do float!

Check out was even in his hair!

The Purple Bus #2

The Zappia's

The Jennings and DeJesus'

Ed and Suzie

Rachel, Junice, and Laura

John and Julie, Stan and Kathleen

The Purple Bus


Masada is one of Herod's 3 fortress cities built around 37 BC. It's located in the wilderness of Judea just off of the Dead Sea and 15 miles north of Sodom

The view of the Dead Sea from Masada

The Cable car that took us to the top.