Thursday, August 7, 2008

After 6300 miles and 15 states we are home!!!

I can't say all of the ways that God blessed us on this trip...but I will list a few random memories:
  • Driving out west and seeing so much of God's diverse and amazing creation...forests, high lakes in WA, beaches, redwoods, cypress trees, white sand, black sand, sunsets, rivers, red rocks, Mt. Hood, Mt. Adams, Mt. Rainier, and so much more.
  • Playing with my family and friends.
  • Watching John (and the kids) boogie board for hours in the Pacific Ocean. I think he was in the water more than out of it. :)
  • Listening to music on the road from Hillsong, Matthew West, Norah Jones, John Mayer and Seabird. (We always buy new music for the road and really enjoyed these albums, especially Hillsong's new Live album.
  • Spending time with both of our families. As the years go on I am reminded of how special these relationships are. We miss them so much!
  • Studying the 7 churches in Revelation with the Stead family at Lake Chelan. I learned a lot that I had never known. Thanks Mom!
  • Gas prices at 3.85-4.49. Crazy how it changed from day to day!
  • Floating the Wenatchee river with family and friends.
  • Running and biking with sister in law, Jill. We logged some serious miles together. I love being pushed by her whether spiritually or physically, she is a blessing to me!
  • Chi Chi's pizza with Mom, Dad, Nate, and Steve.
  • Laughing at Nate and Jon's jokes.
  • Playing with Hannah, and Olivia in the waves.

Travel Day UT, CO, NE

We stopped in Denver to have dinner with the Bryants. These are good friends of ours that we ministered with back in the day in L.A. What a joy to see them again!
Kyle, Nicole, Beau, Beck, and Brodie.
Love them!

Travel Day CA, NV, UT

Last stop in Calif....of course it's at In-N-Out!
Liv and John
Amazing red rock. This is in Utah. I think it's called the San Rafael Gorge.
Em, Lauren, and Liv

Southern Calif with my family #2

On our last day in California we went to Oceanside beach. My brother brought his fire pit and we roasted marshmellows while watching the sunset.
Friends Matt and Danielle Mueller came down to say hi too.
Jackson watching the marshmellows.
Hannah and Olivia

Bonfire on the beach.

Rebekah, Gina, and Hannah

John and me at sunset

Dirkses, Jon and Jill Stead (J.T, Sarah, Joey, Jackson), Nate and Gina Stead (Hannah, Isaiah, and Rebekah)

Southern Calif with my family #1

Me and My neice, Rebekah.
John and one of my younger brothers, Nate. He is married to Gina and they have Hannah, Isaiah, and Rebekah.
My girls along with counsin Sarah at Oceanside Harbor. We stopped here to eat, shop, and then head to the beach.
Olivia showing off the coast.
We ordered a pizza for dinner on the beach and it was gigantic! This is Lauren, Emma, Olivia, and cousin Joey.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

July 30- Monteray/Carmel California

Carmel. In the background is Pebble Beach. Do you love Emma and her glasses? She found these on the trip.
Me and Lis. We are on the beach in downtown Carmel.
We love the cypress trees that this area is known for.

Friday, August 1, 2008

San Francisco-July 29

We took this same picture 5 years ago and the kids look so much older. Enjoy those babies because it goes so fast!
Olivia and Emma
Lauren and John
Liv and Luke
Lauren and John- panoramic view.

July 29- Redwoods in No. Calif.

Taller than Luke...for a little while.

We never cease to be in awe of these amazing trees. We've driven through them a couple of other times and still are absolutely breathless. Stretching toward the sky at 300-400 feet they give praise to their Great Creator!