Thursday, July 31, 2008

July 28- Oregon Coast

Whale watching at Depot Bay. We actually saw 2 Gray Whales.
Tide pool discoveries.
Beach combing
Here we are inside the Devil's Punchbowl. It's quite an adventure getting in this cave. It fills up at high tide so you have to time it right to get in and out. We had to wade through 2 ft. deep water just to get to it. I grew up coming to the Inn and Otter Rock which has beach front that gives you access to the punchbowl. Good memories.
This is one of our favorite look out spots. There's a light house in the back if you look closely.

July 28 -Tillamook Cheese Factory

Ice Cream!


Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Travel Day- July 27-Multnomah Falls

We decided on a whim to head down the west coast to sunny California. At first our plans were to drive home via the 90 however, Jon and Jill convinced us to come south and then head back home from there. The trip down has been so enjoyable. Here we are at Multnomah Falls, a favorite place for us to get out and run as well as take in some of the natural beauty of the Northwest.

Leavenworth, WA where John grew up

John and his little nephew Micah Dirkse
One thing I love about Leavenworth is being able to hang out my laundry. There is something so peaceful about it. Someday, I'll have my own place to hang laundry.
Emma, Liv, and Auntie Anna jumping on the trampoline with the cascades right behind them.
Family picture

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Backpacking in Leavenworth

John's brother Jay, with Luke
Alyssa at the lake they hiked to.
Luke, Jay, and Lis
Morning time
John, Luke, and Lis went on an overnight backpacking trip with Uncle Jay and a good friend Terry and his daughter Kelly. Good memories!

Leavenworth with my brother and fam

Me and Sarah
Jon and Jill...sorry not a great picture but I love their smiles.
Emma at the famous Hat Shop
J.T. in dreds.
Our 9 children!

Lake Chelan #5

Luke and J.T.
Liv and Jack at the waterslides in Chelan
Here's my hat on Liv.
I love this lake...isn't it beautiful? I've been coming here for over 30 years.
We have made friends with a bunch of Canadians that come to the state park at the same time as we do each year. We always look forward to being with them. It's been at least 7 years that we have been playing baseball and volleyball games with them. It's usually the Canadians against the Americans but this year we were low in number so it was mixed teams, the Camericans against the Americanadians. :) We love these Canadians!

Lake Chelan #4

Luke and J.T. tubing
Joey looks on as Luke gets ready
Sarah and Lis
Joey and Emma
Uncle Jona driving the boat

Lake Chelan #3

Olivia and Jackson
Lauren and Dad
Joey showing off his skills skimboarding.

Lake Chelan #2

The girls play at the camp site after being at the beach all day.
Family soccer game
Fishing with Uncle Jonathan
John and Olivia's feet, fishing off the dock.
Olivia fishing
Our time at the Lake always includes family games of soccer, volleyball, and baseball. Fishing is always a favorite past time in the evenings after dinner too.

Lake Chelan #1

Me and Jackson
Grandpa and Luke
Auntie Jill and Emma
Grandma and Lauren
Uncle John and Sarah(self portrait).
Each day at the Lake my Mom teaches our kids a bible lesson . At the end of each lesson we partner up(kids to adults) to do homework. There are many rewards for their efforts. Also, she has them memorize 5-10 verses in the months leading up to the trip in preparation. We started the book of Revelation last year and continued with it this year. She has been teaching it in Precepts and so takes some of the material and simplifies it for the kids. She had been to Greece this Spring and came home with some great information on the 7 churches. Very interesting!