Thursday, June 12, 2008

Schools Out..Summer time is finally here!

The girls on their last day of school
Crazy times in the pool. Fun even when your eyes are closed!
Emma loves tennis so she tried out tennis camp this week
Close up of the girls on the last day of school
The famous toothpick game...a Dirkse family favorite!

As of last Tuesday the kids have fiinshed out another year of school. YAHOO! We said goodbye to Kindergarten(forever) :( , 2nd grade, 4th grade, 5th grade, and 7th grade. It went so fast and yet we are so happy to have a break. Thanks to some sweet friends sharing their condo, we took a quick trip into WI to stay for a couple of nights in celebration of a GREAT year of hard work at school. It was a blast!

I always enjoy my kids in the summer as it's my chance to sort of scoop them back into the nest and give them lots of Mom's love and instruction without the distractions the school year brings. Most mornings we study through Proverbs and talk a lot about how important our family is. It's a sweet time and I am thankful for it.


No Fluff Required said...

hey sunny funnies!

Four Thirys said...

Hello Dirskes! I can't believe how big the kids are! It was fun to stumble upon your blog. I hope all is week in Rockford.

Mary said...

Your kids are so old now, but still very cute! I can't believe how old my kids are either! Time flies too fast

We are heading to Leavenworth for a short whole family (Ackerly) vacation, you guys heading there anytime?


Elastigirl said...

Hey Thiry's and Stanearts! Good to hear from you. :) We will be in Leavenworth July 23-25. No Spokane stop this year. :(