Thursday, December 11, 2008

The Kim's were here! Part 2

Thanksgiving with the Kim's and the Tobin's and Arianna's folks. The kids were right across the way in the foyer.
Group Pic

The Girls

Noah and Luke
We had an absolute blast with our dear friends the Kim's over Thanksgiving. They came out so Michael could take some continuing Ed courses in the windy city. Smart of them to tack on a vacation at the Dirkses! Amy whipped my home into shape with finishing big jobs that were too overwhelming for me (dusting the curtain rods ha ha ha, washing the curtains, hanging light fixtures, pictures and mirrors, hemming, sewing, buying :) etc ). We had yummy food and great conversations...just like old times. How we miss our sweet friends!

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mindy said...

Bets, I hope you have several home projects for me to do while I am there. I'm sure you are saving all the creative and design work for me. No offense to Amy, but she really does not have my mad decorating skilz!! ;-)