Thursday, May 8, 2008

First Blog!

Hey There! Welcome to our family blog.


No Fluff Required said...

So sad that you just don't show enough affection for your kids.

Could you please work on that? The world is watching.

The Keevy Family said...

Betsey! I saw your blog from the Chuns. I had fun looking through your pictures, I love the blog! We are in the Seattle area as of a few months ago.

Becky said...

Hi, Betsey and family! What a joy to see your blessed family. It's good to see you doing well. It is amazing to think that it has been 15 years since your wedding. God is good.

Much love,
Becky Martin

Elastigirl said...

Becky! How in the world are you? I had just heard a little update from my parents a few weeks ago. So good to hear from you. We should email sometime...I would like to hear how you are too!
Love, Betsey

Becky said...

Hey, Betsey!

I would love that. Communicating directly is always better than through a bunch of people. I'll have to get your email. I don't know where to find it on your blog???

Have a great day and catch up with you soon! :)