Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I can't tell you how many smiles I am smiling as I hear from all of you! I love that we can all stay connected even tho we are far away! It's a little bit of heaven for me.

Ok, so I can't seem to figure out how to add all of your blogs onto the my link page element!!!! I can type in your direct address but I don't know how to write the name like John and Betsey's blog and have it link to the address. Can anyone help me out? :)


Wendy Penberthy said...

hey Bets!! I added you to my list, I love checking these every day!! So, when you type in someones blog address, right below that it will say "sight" name... so if you were writing in ours... you would type Mike and wendy, or The Penberthy Family, or however you want to put it. I hope this helps!! Look forward to keeping in touch better!

Elastigirl said...

Thanks Wendy! I will give it a try.

Mulkeytown said...

We are excited to have some visual updates on the family. I can't believe how much they have grown in the last few years.

I am not that blogger savy, but they do have a pretty good help section in dashboard.

Mary said...

Yeah you have a blog! I will enjoy reading about your family more than just a once a year Christmas letter! I have to admit that I am a bit blog crazy these days, but I just love being able to catch up with people that don't live near us anymore.

We will be reading!!!

michelle said...

Oh my goodness!!! Betsy - it has been ages - your kids are beautiful and you look the same as you did in High School only more beautiful! John looks the same. I love the blogging world - it is so fun to catch-up with friends you haven't seen in ages.
I look forward to more posts from you!
Michelle (Tagliere) Castro

Cherie (Baker) Vann said...

betsy!! I agree with Michelle, it's been YEARS! You look like a million bucks!! Congrats on your terrific family, I'd love to stay in touch! Sandy (currie) Winslow says howdy too,she just called me to tell me she found your blog, so I checked it out! Hope you guys are well, Cherie (Baker) Vann

Elastigirl said...

Hi Cherie and Michelle! It really does feel like ages since I have seen you both! John and I were just with Walter a couple of weekends ago and it was absolutely precious to be with him. God used him to do great works in so many of us! Good memories for sure!!!! So, I would love to see pictures of your lives as well! Do you guys have blogs?