Sunday, July 13, 2008

Day One- IL, WI,MN, and SD

These are the cool bags that I used to pack a bunch of our stuff.
Lauren at one of our favorite hotels. It has a water park inside.
John and the kids
John and Olivia

Today after church we left on our vacation out west. WOOHOO! Have you seen those gigantic ziplock like storage bags? You can vacuum seal them which shrinks them down to nothing. I got a great tip and decided to pack our stuff with them. It made a big difference in space which is in great need when there are seven of you in an astro van for 32 hours! Thanks Donna! We've got this drive down to a science (after driving it now 5 times) which includes an abundant amount of treats, games, markers, CD's and DVDs.

We made great time and were in 4 states all within 8 hours of driving. It's crazy out here where you can hit multiple states within a few hours. Not like that in the west, eh? So we started in IL and drove through WI, MN, and stopped in SD. Today we had to leave on time so that we could get to our favorite hotel, which has a water park in it as well as a room that fits all 7 of us! Yes! See pictures below. Oh, and we crossed the mighty Mississippi which is swollen like most rivers in the upper midwest.

I'm having technical difficulties with pictures today...guess I'll post them tomorrow.

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