Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Luke and Lis are at Jr. High Camp

Here are my two campers heading out the door last Sunday morning. They go to "Camp Harvest" which the main Harvest owns. It's about 5 hours away and about an hour north of Grand Rapids, MI.
Lis was very excited about finally graduating into 6th grade so that she could experience all of the privileges of being "older".
The girls and I have enjoyed some of the finer things of life with two less people around. (It is a noticeable difference with just three at home...) Here we are playing our new family favorite game (Scrabble) and having a soda tea party. We also made it to the local water park (thanks to the great reading program at school) for a day of fun in the sun. I forgot the camera tho. :(


Patrick said...

Wow - they are really growing up! Miss you guys!!

mindy said...

Holy cow!!! How can our kids be that old?!?